Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering is an act of offering one’s service willingly and without pay. To volunteer abroad is something that a person can hardly do for they are not receiving any salary every month. Many people volunteer abroad not only to help poor countries but to travel as well. Volunteering becomes their passion and many love what they do. Being a volunteer abroad is not easy. Volunteers leave their families behind to help other families who are affected by natural calamities, victims of war, slaves of poverty and many others.

One of the many countries that are often reinforced by volunteers abroad is the Republic of Ghana. Many volunteers abroad are assigned in Ghana because of the nation’s economic status and current situation of the people especially the youth. Ghana belongs to the top 100 most corrupt nations in the world therefore suffers from poverty despite its abundance in hydrocarbons and minerals. Being a volunteer in Ghana having this advocate to promote a drug free society and a society that is free from poverty is a very challenging mission. On top of these work, Ghana is a very beautiful place for a vacation.

Another country that a volunteer abroad must be assigned to is the twentieth most populated country in the world, Thailand. This is a nice place to render a volunteer program since Thailand is open in regional and international organizations. Despite being considered as the newly industrialized country, a lot of Thailanders are still experiencing poverty and hard livelihood particularly in rural areas wherein volunteer in Thailand are targeting to conduct their missions. As a volunteer abroad, one of the greatest things that you can learn in every mission to every country that you visit in is the opportunity to learn the culture of the townsfolk and understanding more about their history. To become a volunteer abroad does not only mean to learn something from the people there but also sharing what you have learned to them.

If Thailand is rich with the gift of the mountains, Costa Rica can be a place for volunteers abroad who love living by the coast. The name of the country is a Spanish term which means “Rich Coast”. Volunteers abroad scatter to seven provinces of Costa Rica for this nation is an active member of the UN and the Organization of American States. Such mission of the volunteers abroad to this place is the establishment of an international language, English, because there are still several numbers of indigenous people who speak their native language not including their primary language which is Spanish. The advocacy of the volunteer in Costa Rica includes the right of education, promotion of health, sports and many others.